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You can’t afford to be without a reliable yet flexible backup system for your networks. What you can afford, however, is Backup Barracks. Our centrally managed secure facility offers a ton of features (including peace of mind) starting at prices to fit your company's budget.

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Backup Barracks for
Servers & Databases

Many online backup providers will lead you to believe that the same online backup solution can be used for all environments. Our experience is that different technologies are required. Case in point: it is much different to backup a server that is always connected to a network than a laptop user that is mobile and on the go. It not only backs up your computers, servers, and databases automatically and reliably, it also gives you the power to share and access your data securely remotely.

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Optimized Online Backup for
Virtual Environments

Backup Barracks is an ideal solution for virtual server backup and hybrid server backup environments. It runs on physical & virtual servers, and backs up & restores Hyper-V & VMware at the VM level (Guest) following vendor best practices and the latest APIs.

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Rapid Recovery &
Restore Times

Backup solutions should really be called recovery solutions, because backups are worthless if you can’t restore in a timely fashion.




Agentless Server Backup

While most backup platforms require you to install software on every individual machine, Backup Barrack lets you manage the entire office backup plan agentlessly from one central console, saving you time and IT resources.


FREE, Unlimited Local Backup

Your files are protected using highly secure Financial-Grade 448 bit Blowfish Encryption before they leave your PC or Mac. Your files are then stored in this encrypted state and stored at our secure SSAE16 certified data center or locally or both, you get to choose.


Native Integrations

At-the-source data deduplication, incremental backups forever, and no bandwidth caps makes backing up with Backup Barracks up to 5 times faster than the competition.


Free Data Seeding

For initial backups of large amounts of data, Backup Barracks offers optional & free “data seeding”. It is a process where the initial backup can be saved to a USB device and sent to our data centers for instant transfer and secure protection.




Incremental Forever

Once a file is backed up once and no changes have been made you will never have to re-upload that data again, saving you time and bandwidth. Files are automatically rebuilt for you at restore time.


Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Set up automatic backups to run while computers are not in use or schedule backups to be performed daily, weekly, or monthly and receive optional Email notifications of job status.

Pay only for what you use. No contracts.

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